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Creater of the the website and a avid anime and manga fan with his own collection of vocaloid pictures
A piece of shit who is currently denying the fact that he's a otaku with all his weeb stuff hidden in his closet of skeletons. Spends most of his pleb time on playing games such as csgo and overwatch, (nova 1 and platinum respectively). Favourite anime:Kekkai Sensen, Favourite manga: ████

Buff, handsome MC

A closet otaku with a large collection of waifus
Up till now, I still reguarly watch anime and read about Japanese culture everyday especially during my free time and would spend hours watching anime without even noticing the time. I have also attended the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) yearly since 2012 with my friends who have these similar interest with me. Watching anime and reading manga has been one thing that has really helped me to relax or something i do when im feeling down as it easily cheers me up. So i think that this is one hobby that will stick with me for a very long time!"

Actually handsome MC

The only good looking guy among us ;D, his phone number is in his website. ;D ladies
Hello! My name is Soh Yong Sheng. In short, you can call me YS. I'm a current full-time student of Singapore polytechnic & this is a personal website to showcase my portfolio and at the same time it is also a platform to get to know more about me! Lifesaving is my passion. I also do participate in running & swimming, notably long distances events.

Trap Lolicon

Heh, I would classify myself as a semi-weeb (coughs). Manga and anime have been a huge part of my life. How did I even get into this to begin with huh? Hmm... my first anime I watched and followed is One Piece and that got me addicted to anime, though I only started watching other animes 3 years later because One Piece is a longgg franchise.